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Tropical Rayz Wide Body Tanning Beds

The Tropical Rayz Wide Body (WB) series is still in production today by American Quality MFG of Cocoa, FL. This 25 year old design utilizes the same 6' frame and structure like previous model names Perfect Tan and Sunal, but with colorful paint and graphics packages.  AQM also makes an all-steel home tanning bed version with a 110 volt plug which you can review here. 

This is our 38 to 46 lamp bed which is considered a level 3 in most salons because it features a wide body frame (87" x 35") and 38 to 46 of the 160 watt lamps in a 10 minute max session time.  You can buy a brand new 464 model for only $7,999 by calling 800-667-9189 or emailing us here.  This price includes new digital timer and body cooling fan, free delivery and 3 year warranty.  These all-steel tanning beds are guaranteed to last a life-time in any salon or home environment and the company has been around over 25 years providing parts, repair and service.  Review the complete line of AQM's commercial tanning equipment below:

 photo of a Tropical Rayz Wide Body VHR 464
Pictured above is the Tropical Rayz 464WB (Wide Body) model by AMQ.  Buy parts and supplies for this model here
buy tanning bed replacement lamp kits here

replacement lamp kits made in the USA specifically for this model tanning bed below ▼. Please check your danger label for correct lamps (VHR or VLR)
buy replacement acrylics here

Buy replacement acrylics made in the USA to fit this tanning bed within 1/8" below  
repair manuals and brochures

Download free brochures, repair manuals, cut-sheets and owner's manuals right here 
 photo of blue Tropical Rayz Wide Body 464VHR
Pictured here and below is the Tropical Rayz WB383 built prior to 2006.  New graphics package and digital timer were added to the newer model above.
Models TRWBVHR 350/380//420/460 require all the same length bulbs in the, F71 type bi-pin style.  We have pre-packaged kits of 100w and 160w reflector lamps as some models have all 100w and others have all 160w.  Please verify your lamp wattage on top and bottom by your danger label. Prices include free shipping, and free gift:

Choose Your Model Number

Call 800-667-9189 to order

Acrylics #637/637V220/660
fits all Wide Body models 380/460/VHR with no facials

Bench #637 is 82 15/16" x 35 7/16"
Bench #637V220 is .220 mils thick
Canopy #660 is 82 15/16" x 35  7/16"

Price is $249 each + shipping
($99 for up to 3 in one box)

Order bench, canopy or both here:

Call 800-667-9189 to order

 tropical rayz wide body 464VHR cut sheets and electrical specs

Above are electrical specs for the 464VHR model.  For the 383VHR model click here to view cut-sheet.
 photo of a Tropical Rays Wide Body in pink color
If you are not using this bed for commercial purposes then you have 3 more choices of intensity for UV tanning lamps and a red light therapy bulb option which will fit in this model. For regulated states, check our compatibility letters here.
Models TRWBVHR 383/464  require 2 different lengths of bulbs to accommodate facial lamps. We have lamp kits with the short F59 style and the complement of F71 lamps in the 100w/140w/160w size. These are reflector lamps with 2% UVB (ultra-bronzers) starting at only $299 with free shipping, insurance and free gift:

Your Model Number?

Call 800-667-9189 to order

Acrylics #637/660
fits all Wide Body models 383/464/VHR with facials

Bench #637 is 82 15/16" x 35 7/16"
Bench #637V220 is .220 mils thick
Canopy #660 is 82 15/16" x 35 7/16"

Price is $249 each + shipping
($99 for up to 3 in one box)

Order Acrylics for Facial Beds:

Call 800-667-9189 to order

You may also buy parts and supplies like buck-boosters contactor relays, and shocks or struts ($49 each below), for this model by calling 800-667-9189 or emailing us here.

Choose how many struts here...

Call 800-667-9189 to order

photo of tanning bed shocks, struts or lifts